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Reading and Critical Thinking

Reading is traditionally divided into "learning to read" and "reading to learn." Dr. Sachs knows children learning to read need instruction in recognizing words automatically. To become efficient readers, children must learn decoding strategies, reading comprehension strategies and listening skills. Children benefit from practice, repetition and using all of their senses when learning to read. With Dr. Sachs's guidance, active learning occurs through motivating and fun learning activities.

As children move beyond the beginning stages of learning to read, "reading to learn" and critical thinking skills are the keys to success in school and beyond. Reading comprehension strategies and critical thinking skills are taught to enrich and make learning come alive. Through research and experience, Dr. Sachs knows that facilitating a student in "learning how to learn" is an important component to success now and into the future.

Reading Evaluation

Dr. Sachs's philosophy is that every student is uniquely and individually gifted, and that every student can succeed. To help each student achieve his or her greatest reading potential, an evaluation is recommended to assess skills. This assessment includes an informal discussion with the parent and student, and may also include a formal evaluation of skills. An individual learning plan is developed incorporating strategies for success targeting skills necessary to enrich reading and thinking ability.

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