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College Admission Counseling

ArleneA clear understanding of the college admission process can empower you and your student to make good choices and keep a balance throughout this exciting time. Dr. Sachs provides special assistance for high school students looking at their future education. She works with you and your student from the initial planning to the final acceptance celebration. We explore college and university choices, examine majors and career options, guide the writing process for developing outstanding essays, prepare for interviews and submit the application.

Dr. Sachs meets with you and your student to discuss their dreams and goals for college. At this time, she reviews the current and future curriculum, develops a schedule for taking appropriate standardized tests, discusses extracurricular interests, summer activities, employment and community service. Additional appointments will be made to complete the application process.

Dr. Sachs is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling

For more information on Federal Student Aid visit www.fafsa.com

To start the application process visit www.applytexas.org for Texas colleges and universities and www.commonap.org for other schools throughout the Unites States.

5925 Forest Lane
Suite 415
Dallas, Texas 75230
Phone: 972.404.9522