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Cogmed Working Memory Training

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based program for helping children, adolescents and adults to improve attention over a sustained period of time by training their working memory. Most people with an attention problem also have a working memory deficit. That means they don’t have the same working memory capacity as their peers. Cogmed, backed by clinical evidence, is proven to train and improve a person’s working memory. Post training evaluations show this helps school performance. Working memory capacity improves attention, which helps improve academic and professional performance.

To get started, you will meet with Dr. Sachs to review the program and evaluate the benefit of Cogmed training. Once this is determined, Dr. Sachs will arrange for the program to begin.

For more information, visit the Cogmed website at www. cogmed.com


5925 Forest Lane
Suite 415
Dallas, Texas 75230
Phone: 972.404.9522